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At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of media professionals. Our students are not only learning in the classroom but are also gaining invaluable hands-on experience through their roles as student employees. On-campus jobs provide students with financial support, the opportunity to practice their skills, apply academic theory in real-world settings and create meaningful connections with faculty, alumni and potential employers.

By donating to the Community Engagement Fund, you are empowering our student employees to thrive in their educational journey while making a meaningful impact on the community. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will go towards supporting student employment opportunities in the college, ensuring our students can balance their academic pursuits with enriching work experiences that develop their skills, work ethic and professional confidence.

Here are some personal stories from our student employees, sharing why their on-campus jobs are so important to them:

Peer Mentor

Macy Neumeister

As a first-generation college student, the journey through higher education is not just an academic pursuit but a leap towards changing the path for my family and I. With no financial safety net from my parents, every step I take is both a challenge and a milestone. The part-time positions I hold at Andersen Hall – as a peer mentor and the Executive Director of Nebraska Nightly through the Experience Lab – have been more than just jobs; they are the steps that I am using to climb towards a brighter future.

These roles have provided me not only with invaluable professional experience but also with the financial means to support my college journey. They have eased the burden of tuition fees and living expenses, allowing me to focus more on my studies and less on financial stress. My position as a peer mentor has also enabled me to give back, guiding fellow students as they navigate their paths, just as I am navigating mine, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my collegiate career.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work and grow within Andersen Hall and the CoJMC community. The financial support from these positions has been a cornerstone of my education and personal development. 

Macy Neumeister  Headshot

Student Production Assistant

Jay Quemado

I basically live in Andersen Hall. Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you I am usually at Andersen working on something.  I spend most of my time here because I want to be involved with media and with the equipment in the Andersen Hall you can get the knowledge of the real world but with that knowledge you need experience. I get this experience from doing any broadcast that is available. This concept has gotten to the point where I will go to Jaime’s office and ask if there is a broadcast or opportunity coming up every single day. I have truly found my passion for the field of media with doing these broadcast jobs because I truly feel like I am in the field working. The opportunities give me the chance to network with others and also learn concepts that apply to certain broadcasts. 

Jay Quemado Headshot

Student Lead

Lance Vie

When I was younger, my parents got divorced and my dad suffered from a stroke.  Due to these situations, I wasn't able to attend my dream school right out of high school, the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  I instead attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska.  After graduating there in 2021, I took the financial risk of transferring to UNL to earn my bachelor's degree in broadcasting. Moving to Lincoln was a big step for me.  I got my first ever apartment and started to live on my own, outside of the dorms for the first time.  With this came the financial burden.  As a student, I do not receive very much monetary help from my Mom.  Therefore, I must work while also attending school full-time. 

After hearing about the student lead position for Nebraska Nightly, I knew I had to apply right away.  This was my second job since coming to Lincoln and played an important role in keeping me financially stable throughout the semester. This job also allowed me to continue working on my skills and expertise, while also helping lead students in the practicum as well. If it weren't for the paid position, I would have had to leave Nebraska Nightly to find a job elsewhere to support myself. I feel like this allowed me to focus better on school and homework, since I was also able to work in the same place. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend the school where I work as well. I believe that I wouldn't be where I am without the paid student lead position, and I know there are many students here just like me looking for the same opportunity. 

Lance Vie Headshot

Music Director

Helen Howard

My job as Music Director in Andersen Hall is one that has changed the trajectory of my college career and my experience as a student in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. I abide by the principle that finding your niche is essential to finding your passions and can be your greatest asset. I knew when I decided I wanted to attend the CoJMC that I wanted to work with culture and music in some capacity, whether that was working for a music magazine or some other avenue that allowed me to be in that world. The Experience Lab program gave me the opportunity to be involved in KRNU and from there, I fell in love with radio and its ability to give independent musicians and smaller underground music labels completely new audiences. I showed interest in the Music Director position as the previous Music Director, Olivia Klein, was graduating. 

The role of Music Director is intricate and has many moving parts. It involves listening to sometimes 50 or so albums and singles a week from small, independent music labels and independent musicians who submit music to our station, completing a weekly chart for the North American College and Community Chart, editing audio files for the songs we add to the station, training volunteer DJs and submitting feedback to the promoters who send much of the music we play. Despite the many pieces of this role, it never ceases to be an enjoyable experience and something I take pride in doing. 

This job has given me first-hand experience working in the music industry and allowing me to gain connections with record labels, music companies such as Terrorbird Media, where I interned this summer, and the musicians that we play on the station. It’s been my favorite thing I have done while being a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Helen Howard Headshot


Valeria Uribe

It is important to me to have a part-time job in Andersen Hall because of the opportunities, connections, and friendships I have made. Having this part-time job has allowed me to get closer and more familiar with the staff, students, and faculty. There have been many instances where I find myself calling my mom and saying "I just feel so comfortable. It's my safe space. I have found a home within the CoJMC." Without this part-time job, I would have never met the friends that I have now, would have not gotten the opportunity to show new students how amazing our college is, and lastly, not been able to make great connections with parents or alums that support us. I am so blessed that CoJMC is my home. Without being an ambassador, my experience wouldn't have been the same. 

Valeria Uribe Headshot


Ella Masso

Hello! My name is Ella Masso and I am an ambassador for the CoJMC. It is very important for me to have a job in Andersen Hall because of all the connections this job has allowed me to make. I am an out-of-state student from Minnesota who knew next to nobody attending the University of Nebraska. Yet, working as an ambassador has led me to some amazing friendships. I have formed study groups with other student-workers, and we have even participated in group projects together. The connections I have made through ambassadors have allowed the University of Nebraska to feel like home.

A second reason it is so important for me to have a job in Andersen Hall is because it allows me to share my love for the CoJMC with others. Andersen Hall has taught me so much and provided me with countless opportunities to further my professional career. The skills I have learned in my classes allowed me to thrive in my internship over the summer. I am so blessed to be able to share how amazing the CoJMC is with potential students.

Lastly, the financial support from this job allows me to be able to afford books and other resources needed to further my academic and professional career.

Ella Masso Headshot


Marissa Kraus

Having a part-time job in Andersen Hall has been extremely valuable for my college experience. As an out-of-state student, tuition seemed like an obstacle when I first arrived on campus. Fortunately, the university has been very helpful in making college affordable through merit scholarships and scholarships offered through the College of Journalism. 

Another important avenue is through part-time work, such as my ambassador job for the College of Journalism. This job has been so rewarding as I am able to advocate for the college and tell other students why the CoJMC is so great.  At every tour, event, or workshop I am able to make a connection with future college students and feel like I have made an impact. Even more, the opportunity to be an ambassador has helped me financially by helping contribute towards things like food and rent. 

Through both my part-time work and scholarships, college has become affordable and I am truly grateful that the college has been able to make this possible. 

Marissa Kraus Headshot


Jaelyn Gross

To put it simply, my on campus job has allowed me to be involved in my college. As the recipient of a Pell grant and primary funder of my college experience, I have often worked two-three jobs in order to get by. This means that all my "extra" time not in class has been spent working or on homework. If this position was unpaid, I would not be able to participate in the college at the same level because I would have to give my hours to a paid position instead. 

The ambassador position has given me experiences to connect with my peers, professors and professionals in the field. These connections are the reason I have been able to get internships in my field of work. 

Jaelyn Gross Headshot

Dean's Office Assistant

Nandini Rainikindi

As I approach my senior year of college, I realize the career aspirations I once had as a freshman have changed. I was dreaming of being a broadcast journalist, but as I got into it in college, I soon realized that it wasn’t for me. This summer, my goal is to figure out, okay, if this isn’t for me, then what job is? I decided to look at internships in the communications field and found one right inside the CoJMC, so I thought, why not give it a shot!

After about three weeks of being an intern, I have had the opportunity to learn new skills like website building and planning for external communications. I have also seen the behind-the-scenes of my college education and greatly appreciate all the work put into making this college run smoothly while I head to class every day. Lastly, I have the opportunity to get some career coaching, which I am excited about as I am going to graduate in a year. I hope it will help guide me in my post-grad journey. 

Nandini Rainikindi Headshot


Jodi Soptic

My name is Jodi Soptic and I am a sophomore studying advertising/public relations and journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am very involved on campus and one of my involvements includes an on-campus job with the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. This job is an ambassador for the college. This job is significant to help bring prospective students into the college and help them decide their college choice. For me, the ambassadors helped me decide to come to UNL. Without that experience with them, I wouldn't have known of all of the opportunities the college offers to its students and how amazing the atmosphere of the college was like. I think being an ambassador has a greater impact on students than just their college decisions. For example, even if I wasn't an ambassador, I still have these connections with the ambassadors who showed me the college. I look up to them with all of the experience they have and see them as a mentor. It's an added bonus that I get to work with them daily and build those stronger bonds. The funds we student workers receive help us continue our work as ambassadors. For me personally, I use these funds to help pay my tuition and other school fees. I know many other student workers who do the same and their job is crucial to their college career. 

Jodi Soptic Headshot

Peer Mentor

Hallie Gutzwiller

My job as a peer mentor has been one the highlights of my college career. I love being able to have this role in my college and for the freshman entering the school. The job has allowed me to connect with freshmen joining our college and to help them as they navigate through their first semester. This is so crucial because college is a big transition for most and no one knows exactly what they are doing right off the bat. As a peer mentor, I can help to alleviate stress or give advice to freshmen who are going through the same classes I have gone through. I can also offer them career advice related to opportunities within the school. The incentive provided for this job helps tremendously in my own financial situation and has definitely been a convenient way for me to make money while also attending classes in the same building. 

Hallie Gutzwiller Headshot


Tyler Hurst

Having a part-time job in Andersen Hall has been a core aspect of my college experience. During the end of my freshman year, I became an ambassador for CoJMC and it has been one of the best decisions I have made during my time at this university. Being an ambassador gives me a chance to connect with prospective students and share my great experiences I have had at CoJMC. This is important to me, as choosing the right college was not the easiest process, wanting to pursue a career in sports design/branding. Being able to showcase the strengths of CoJMC and guide students in the right direction is self-fulfilling, knowing I am making a student's college decision-making process easier during a time that can be quite stressful. 

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Bailey O'Brien

My name is Bailey O'Brien and I am fortunate to be a student ambassador for the College of Journalism and Mass Communications here at UNL. Having a part-time job at Andersen Hall has been such a great experience that has also been super special to me. Being a freshman, this role has made it so much easier to make connections within the college, as well as give back to a program that was so helpful to me throughout the months leading up to my first semester. The opportunity to convince students to come join such a great program with other students who are equally passionate about it makes this job so fulfilling. The connections you make as an ambassador can go so far. Going through the recruiting process myself, building a relationship with multiple ambassadors made this college feel so special. Now I get to experience these relationships from the other side, as well as creating new bonds with future students, and it is a constant reminder of how all of the ambassadors make such a huge impact on the future of our college. My position at Andersen Hall is so important to me and is one of the best learning experiences I could ask for.

Bailey O'Brien Headshot


Jacob Shrantz

I’m Jacob Schrantz. I work 2 jobs for the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. I am an Ambassador for the CoJMC, and I also work for KRNU as a Sports Director.

I really enjoy my positions. Not only are they very helpful financially, and help me pay for my rent, but I also feel like I get to have an impact on the college. I enjoy working alongside other sports broadcasting peers as a sports director on every Nebraska Football home broadcast from Memorial Stadium. It is also very fulfilling to work with incoming students as an Ambassador and show them all the cool hands-on opportunities that the CoJMC offers.

Hopefully I will get to continue to have this great impact on my academic community and stay at the jobs I enjoy doing while at UNL.

Jacob Shrantz Headshot

Lab Assistant

Katie Lockyear

I'm Katie Lockyear, a recent graduate with a dual degree in journalism and advertising at the University of Nebraska. Reflecting on my decision to attend this university, it was the formative experiences during my first year that solidified my choice. Being an out-of-state student, I was quickly welcomed into the College of Journalism, where I had the privilege of having a mentor. This was a stark contrast to many of my peers in other majors who lacked similar support and access to essential resources.

My mentor not only provided guidance on course selection and assignments but also stood out for her honesty. I deeply value individuals who share their personal experiences, as they often serve as invaluable roadmaps for personal and academic growth. Inspired by my mentor's example, I've had the honor of supporting incoming freshmen for two consecutive years, witnessing students flourish and discover their true potential in the college, all thanks to the positive influence of their mentors.

In addition to my mentoring role, I've been working as a COJMC Lab Assistant for two years. This experience has been incredibly rewarding. While I entered college with prior knowledge of Adobe software and camera equipment, I recognize that not all students possess this background. Many students spend their initial years in the College of Journalism learning new technologies. As a lab assistant, I've aimed to bridge this gap, offering support and guidance to my peers.

My time as a lab assistant has not only allowed me to connect with fellow students but also to give back to the college that has provided me with unwavering support. These part-time positions are more than just jobs; they serve as opportunities for personal growth, fostering meaningful connections, and contributing to the vibrant college community.

Katie Lockyear Headshot

Peer Mentor

Haley Geringer

My name is Haley Geringer and I'm a sophomore with senior standing in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am one of the CoJMC Peer Mentors this year. I'm a double major in Sports Media and Communications and Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Coaching. 

I feel like having a part-time job in Andersen Hall is very important to me, especially when it comes to feeling connected to the college. I have gotten the opportunity to connect with many people throughout my experience so far. These connections can follow you, even if they aren't the big media names everyone wants.

My role as a peer mentor is to help guide my mentees throughout the JOMC 100 course. I sit in class with them when their advisor is teaching and when a question arises, I try my best to answer it . Alongside the other two peer mentors in the class, we share our stories and experiences we have had in the J-school, in our internships and even just our college lives in general. I've done my 1-on-1's with my mentees, and I've gotten to see their confidence grow through this 12-week course. 

Being a peer mentor is so much more than just sitting in a classroom answering questions. This is my first year doing it and I've made lesson plans, held 1-on-1 meetings, made presentations and sat on a panel all while being a full-time student who supports myself. 

Haley Geringer Headshot


Hannah-Kate Kinney

I attended the "CoJMC Summer Showcase" at Andersen Hall in July of 2019 -- before my senior year of high school. I was unsure where I would attend college. As a student from Omaha, I thought that I needed to leave Nebraska to "grow my wings." 

Oh, wow was I incorrect. 

I spent the whole hour drive back to Omaha from the showcase raving about all things CoJMC. I was in awe of the amount I got to do just in the couple hours I was in the building. My mom and I started talking about finances and how I might pay for my education at UNL by the time we hit the interstate. 

The CoJMC Ambassadors intercepted many texts and phone calls from me that following fall semester. I credit their leadership and availability to be there for me is the main reason I am a student at UNL. 

I knew that once I was able, I wanted to do the same thing for prospective students (& future Huskers). 

The ambassadors paved the path for what was possible at UNL. 

As I watch some of the students I helped recruit to come join the #CoJMCFamily thrive on campus, I think back to Aaron and Helena who inspired me to chase my dreams. 

Working at the college has not only lessened any financial burden, but it has also granted me opportunities I had never thought possible. I have led workshops for high school students. I've mentored students one-on-one. I have created relationships with faculty members, professors and talented peers. I cannot thank the CoJMC enough for allowing me to work with this wonderful team. 

Hannah-Kate Kinney Headshot


Faith Worden

It is extremely important for me to have a part-time job in Andersen Hall because I am passionate about sharing my experience at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications with prospective students. One of my favorite experiences at UNL has been connecting with high school students, hearing more about what they are passionate about, assisting them in figuring out what they would like to do and sharing how UNL's College of Journalism is an excellent place for that. I am very appreciative to be part of the ambassador team and an amazing recruiting team that showcases the college in a wonderful way. I'm also extremely thankful that this job assists me financially as a student. I admire the fact that I can be part of a job that I am passionate about, along with being able to get financial support from it.

Faith Worden Headshot


Emma Dostal

I started working as a CoJMC ambassador in March of my freshman year of college. For some background about why I wanted to do this job, I chose to come to UNL as an out of state student without ever visiting Nebraska because of the advertising and public relations program. After the pandemic moved admitted students day to zoom, and after I learned about how our students "do from day one," I was hooked. I fell in love with this program and this college. I applied for this position because I wanted to show other students that doing from day one is a reality. 

I am now a senior in the program, and I can say confidently that the CoJMC sets its students up for success and provides as many opportunities as possible for them to get involved no matter what they are interested in. I have recruited students that have made an immense impact on the college. (Naomi Delkamiller was one of them, and we are now great friends). I have led countless workshops with high school students and shared that there are careers in media, they just have to choose what one. I needed to pick up other jobs along the way to help pay for necessities, but I will not leave this one. I get to come to work every day and see the impact that I have made by being an ambassador. I became more confident in who I am. I plan and execute weekly workshops for upwards of 15 high schoolers. I am a campus leader. 

Working at Andersen Hall has been one of my favorite parts of college. The ambassador team is where I have met some of my closest friends, and I have mentored many others. I am honored to be a College of Journalism and Mass Communications ambassador. I am glad that this college has been able to watch me grow these past three and a half years, and I am glad that I got to watch it grow through adding Experience Labs and the newsroom. I will definitely be sentimental when it is my turn to graduate. I love it here. As always, go CoJMC! Go Big Red!

Emma Dostal Headshot

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