Welcome to the NEW UNL CMS

Welcome to the Next Generation of UNL's Content Management System

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Welcome to the UNL's Next-Gen CMS. In this environment, we’re moving toward a simpler, easier and faster way of creating web pages: Layout Builder.


Layout Builder allows us to publish the elements of a web page — things like images, text and headlines, cards and slideshows — without ever touching code. The expressive tools of UNL’s class-leading Digital Campus Framework are supported in Layout Builder’s user interfaces. In fact, this page you're viewing was built without touching code.


Creating pages through Layout Builder allows university experts to craft the actual code that is published to browsers in ways that enhance inclusivity of our “digital campus.” If you’ve ever received Web Audit reports detailing shortcomings of your site, you are all too aware of the complexities of maintaining an inclusive website for all users.

on brand.

The University of Nebraska maintains a design system that allows us to project an exciting, trusted and innovative brand to our many audiences, from students and future students, to faculty and staff, to alumni. This brand and the way we express it evolves over time, with occasional major changes. With sites built in Layout Builder, transformations to look and feel of the design system can be accomplished cleanly and without any effort on the part of site owners.

pages annually
UNL websites, according to Google Analytics and internal trackers, serve over 150 million web pages each year to users around the world.

1. Get Started

Attend an on-boarding session to learn the basics of Next-Gen CMS and get access to build a site.

Attend a Training

2. Request a Site and Start Building

Request a site, then start building. There's documentation with text and video for help.

3. Go Live

Get a domain name or move your domain name from the old CMS to your new site.

Make Your Site Public


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