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Husker-Net is an open end-to-end cellular edge network, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) Program (Award  #2321699).

Husker-Net is led by Dr. Qiang Liu (PI), Dr.  Mehmet Vuran (Co-PI), and Dr. Toolika Ghose (Co-PI), starting in October 2023.

Husker-Net offers campus-wide wireless connectivity (5G) and edge computing capability, including City, East and Innovation Campus, and is freely open to researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The planned coverage map can be found here (where contents are continually updated and subject to changes).

Husker-Net includes two tracks: Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Software-Defined Radio (SDR). 

The COTS track provides 7x24 reliability with commercial 5G CBRS base stations, which is easy to use, just like plug and play with SIM cards. 

The SDR track provides advanced development and research potentials with open-source radio access networks (e.g., OpenAirInterface and SRSRAN), core networks (e.g., Open5GS and OAI-5GC), and NI USRP X300 with CBX daughterboards.

Husker-Net is featured with ultra-low operating cost with open-source modules, flexible deployment with both wired and wireless backhaul (e.g., LEO in mid of Nebraska), and zero-touch management with automatic model-free algorithms.

Husker-Net Overview